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Agar plate count-Lab 13

Agar plate count-Lab 13

Course: Basic Microbiology

Music: Iraqi Music, Zubêr Salih- Biziq Teqasîm

preparation of plate count agar for TPC

preparation of plate count agar for total plate count

Media Prep

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In order to grow, cells need very specific environmental conditions such as food, energy, proper temperature and humidity. When growing cells in the lab, we have to create these conditions using culture media.

Solid culture media is a mixture of agar and nutrients poured into Petri dishes. We can transfer cells to the Petri dishes where they will grow with proper incubation.

Sterile technique is required to create culture media so you don't have unwanted microorganisms growing in your culture.

In this video, we'll demonstrate the steps for preparing
Brain Heart Infusion Agar. It's a general-purpose media used for a variety of bacterial and fungal species including pathogens like Streptococcus and Pneumococcus.




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