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Initial D - Mikado (HD)

Song: Mikado By Dave McLoud
My mates SoundCloud, go let him know I sent you ;)

The Mikado Act I

The Mikado 1966 (Speed corrected) D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Gilbert & Sullivan

This is the film version of The Mikado shot in 1966 and released in theatres in 1967.
The versions of this film which have been released on DVD play slightly too fast resulting in a pitch which is a semi-tone too high.
I have adjusted the video to the correct speed by changing the frame rate from 25 frames per second to 24 frames per second.
This results in the correct pitch and tempo.
Visually the DVD version also seemed a bit 'squashed' to me so I have adjusted the picture aspect ratio to what looks more correct to my eye.
I've also tried to improve the muddy audio of the original.
Hopefully one day we will get a fully restored widescreen edition of this film with excellent colour and sound. Until then, enjoy this version.

The Mikado was filmed at the Golders Green Hippodrome on enlarged stage sets. The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra was conducted by D'Oyly Carte's longstanding conductor, Isidore Godfrey. Set design and decoration were by Disley Jones and Peter Howitt. With one exception the costumes were by Charles Ricketts, first seen in D'Oyly Carte stage productions in 1926 and retained by subsequent D'Oyly Carte designers.

The cast:
John Reed as Ko-Ko
Kenneth Sandford as Pooh-Bah
Donald Adams as the Mikado
Valerie Masterson as Yum-Yum
Philip Potter as Nanki-Poo
Christene Palmer as Katisha
Peggy Ann Jones as Pitti-Sing
Thomas Lawlor as Pish-Tush
Pauline Wales as Peep-Bo
George Cook as Go-To




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