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V-Belt Code Guide | Spec. Sense

In this episode of Spec. Sense, Vance explains the meaning behind v-belt codes. You'll learn how to read v-belt numbers, to measure a belt and use the belt codes to find an exact match. This video covers the 3 main types - Classical Belts, Fractional Horsepower (FHP) Belts and Deep Wedge (Narrow) belts.
Proper belt sizing is essential for the performance, and lifespan on the belt. Each code refers to a specific top width and depth, and each size is rated for a specific load.

**Update** - The depth for for "A" belts at 2:21, "AX" belts at 2:32 and "4L" belts at 3:24 belts is actually 5/16" . . . . the 3/16" shown in the video is a typo.

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00:00 Intro
01:01 Measuring
02:04 Classical Belts
03:05 FHP Belts
03:55 Deep V Belts

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Browning Tensioning V Belt Drives

Browning Tensioning V Belt Drives

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